And you think your boss has bad habits?!

    Business Spotlight Audio 11/2022
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    CEO (chief executive officer)Geschäfts- führer(in), Firmenchef(in)CEOs may have good jobs, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that their behaviour is always good. Test your knowledge of some of the most famous CEOs’ bad habits with this quiz. Choose from the options given to complete the sentences in this exercise. You will hear the answer to each question after the ping sound.


    The world’s top managers have worked hard to get to where they are, but they are not all perfect role modelVorbildrole models — like the rest of us, they also have some bad habits:

    1. Elon Musk admits to sending at least half of his tweets from ______.
    a) bed
    b) the toilet
    c) the beach 

    • The correct answer is b). Elon Musk once tweeted: “At least 50% of my tweets were made on a porcelain throne.”

    2. What did former Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer do at a Cannes Lions dinner?
    a) She slept through the dinner.
    b) She was the only guest to order the tasting menuDegustationsmenütasting menu.
    c) She ignored the dress code.

    • The correct answer is a). Mayer says she needs just four hours’ sleep a night. This caught up: sth. ~ with sb.etw. hat jmdn. eingeholtcaught up with her in Cannes.

    3. What does US investor Warren Buffett say is one of his weaknesses?
    a) Junk food: he eats ice cream for breakfast and has three cans of Coke before work.
    b) Musicals: he’s a big fan of Cats.
    c) train set(Modell-) EisenbahnTrain sets: he has 17 of them at home.

    • The correct answer is a). Warren Buffett says he has “the diet of a six-year-old”.

    4. US entrepreneurUnternehmer(in)entrepreneur and cooking icon Martha Stewart has some hard and fast rulesfeste Regelnhard and fast rules. Which of these is one of them?
    a) Any food brought to the office must be from a Martha Stewart recipe(Koch-)Rezeptrecipe.
    b) Employees mustn’t to socializeprivate Kontakte unterhaltensocialize with each other.
    c) Only black or red inkTinteink may be used in her offices.

    • The correct answer is c).

    5. In his early days at Apple, Steve Jobs used what unusual method to relax?
    a) He drank water while upside downauf dem Kopf stehendupside down.
    b) He did some barefoot tree climbing.
    c) He to soak sth.etw. durchnässen; hier: badensoaked his feet in toilet water.

    • The correct answer is c). The authorized biography by Walter Isaacson mentions the unusual footbath Steve Jobs used to enjoy.

    6. Twitter boss Jack Dorsey practises extreme intermittent fastingIntervallfastenintermittent fasting, but the first time he tried it, he ______.
    a) to faintohnmächtig werdenfainted
    b) felt like he was hallucinating
    c) cried

    • The correct answer is b). Dorsey eats just one meal a day and nothing at weekends.

    7. Apple CEO Tim Cook was surprised at how much time he spends ______.
    a) sleeping
    b) watching reality TV
    c) using his iPhone

    • The correct answer is c).

    8. It’s been reported that Jeff Bezos regularly ______.
    a) orders caviar for his cat
    b) makes cruel comments to employees
    c) starts meetings at 6 p.m.

    • The correct answer is b). Amazon boss Jeff Bezos is known for his anger and lashing out at employees.

    How many of those did you get right? Memorize a couple of these fun facts. They might just come in handy the next time you are making conversation with a colleague about your boss’s supposed bad habits. In comparison to these bosses, your boss probably seems pretty well behaved.

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