Dialogue: Checking into a hotel

    Business Spotlight Audio 3/2022
    Hotel check-in
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    Guest: Hi there!

    Receptionist: Hello, sir. What can I do for you?

    Guest: I would like to check in, please. My name is Viraj Acharya.

    Receptionist: No problem. I will just look up your booking. How do you spell your last name, please?

    Guest: Acharya. That’s A-C-H-A-R-Y-A.

    Receptionist: Ah, great. There you are. You’ve got a single room in the east wing of the hotel on the fifth floor. There are great views of the city from that room. You’ll love it. 

    Guest: That sounds brilliant (UK ifml.)großartigbrilliant. This is my first time in Dublin, so I am quite excited to explore the city after work.

    Receptionist: It is a lovely place. Are you here on business, sir?

    Guest: Yes, I am a management consultantUnternehmensberater(in)management consultant. I travel a lot for work. 

    Receptionist: Oh, that sounds like good fun. 

    Guest: It is, but it can be a bit tiringermüdend, anstrengendtiring at times.

    Receptionist: I can imagine. Please may I have your passport?

    Guest: Of course, no problem. Here it is.

    Receptionist: Will you need a printed copy of your bill, sir? 

    Guest: No, thank you. But it would be great if you could send me a copy via email. Then I will to forward sth.etw. weiterleitenforward it on to the accounts teamhier: Buchhaltungaccounts team at work.

    Receptionist: No problem. What’s your email address? Is it the same one you used when you made your booking?

    Guest: Yes, that’s my work email.

    Receptionist: Here is your chip card, sir. You will be staying in room number 505.

    Guest: Great, thank you. How do I to access sth.Zugang zu etw. habenaccess the Wi-FiWlanWi-Fi, please?

    Receptionist: You will find the Wi-Fi password in the welcome pack in your room. It is accessiblezugänglichaccessible in your room and in the lobbyFoyerlobby.

    Guest: Perfect. And what time is breakfast served, please?

    Receptionist: The breakfast room opens at six, and it closes at midday.

    Guest: Oh, wow. You have nice long opening hours. I’ve got quite a few meetings planned, so I will have to have breakfast relatively early, but I might to treat oneself to a lie-in (UK)etwa: sich mal so richtig ausschlafentreat myself to a lie-in on Saturday.

    Receptionist: You should definitely do that. It sounds like you will have earned it after a busy week working with your clients.

    Guest: Oh, one last thing: What time will I have to to vacate one’s roomsein Zimmer räumenvacate my room on the last day of my stay?

    Receptionist: The checkout time is 11 o’clock in the morning. 

    Guest: Ah, I see. My flight on Sunday is quite late in the evening. Would it be possible to leave my luggage here for a few hours before to head to a placezu einem Ort gehen/fahrenheading to the airport?

    Receptionist: Sure. We have a luggage room by the elevatorAufzug, Liftelevator. Just tell the receptionist working that day that you would like to to store sth.etw. aufbewahren lassenstore your bag in there, and they will arrange everything for you.

    Guest: Great, thank you.

    Receptionist: Have a great stay, sir! And if you need anything, then do not hesitate to ask one of our members of staff. The reception desk is mannedbesetztmanned 24/7 (ifml.)rund um die Uhr24/7.

    Guest: Thank you so much. Have a lovely day.

    Receptionist: You too, sir!

    Business Spotlight 3/2022, pp. 40–41

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