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    Business Spotlight Audio 1/2024
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    Listen to this dialogue taken from the Skill Up! section of Business Spotlight. In this situation, Dani and Alex are discussing their social media marketing. After you have listened to the dialogue, we’ll test your understanding of some of the language used.

    Dani: So, after six months of social media marketing, I can definitely say that it has increase visibilitySichtbarkeit erhöhenincreased our visibility. The analytics toolAnalyse-Toolanalytics tools we use show that post regularlyregelmäßig postenposting regularly and interact with followersmit Follower(inne)n in Kontakt treteninteracting with followers has increase traffichier: Aufrufe erhöhenincreased traffic to our online store. 

    Alex: That sounds good, but has it led to more sales? 

    Dani: Yes, it has — but fewer than we expected. So, we now post five to seven times a week, and we’ve alter sth.etw. ändern, verändernaltered the content and style of our posts. 

    Alex: How do you mean? Can you give me some examples? 

    Dani: Sure. We now go liveLive, in Direktübertragunglive on Instagram every Friday morning. Our followers and regular viewers know that we add discount codes into the comments and have in-app shoppingIn-App-Käufein-app shopping, so they can buy the products we showcase sth.etw. präsentierenshowcase without leaving the app. On the other days, we create either a story or a shoppable postShoppable Post (Online-Kauf direkt in einer Social-Media-Plattform)shoppable post. This strategy has been more successful. Many followers are giving us mentionErwähnung, Nennungmentions and shout-outGrußbotschaft, Danksagungshout-outs in their own posts, which strengthen one’s communityStärkung der Gemeinschaftstrengthens our community and the number of impression(s)Impression(en) (Messzahl zur Erfolgskontrolle von Online-Inhalten)impressions we are getting. 

    Alex: How many platforms are we on now? 

    Dani: We’re now on fewer platforms than when we started. We had less success on Facebook and TikTok, so we are concentrating on Instagram and Pinterest, which allows us to tailor a posteinen Beitrag anpassentailor our posts to our customer demographicKundendemografiecustomer demographic. It’s really a case of less is more. But it’s all taking more time than we thought. 

    Alex: Is there a way to streamline the tasks? 

    Dani: Yes, we’ve started using a new content calendarContent-Kalender, Social-Media- Inhaltskalendercontent calendar to plan our posts, reelReel, Kurzvideoreels and livestreaming two weeks in advance. We’ve turned on push notificationPush-Benachrichtigungpush notifications so we can respond to commentsauf Kommentare antwortenrespond to comments immediately. Our next step is to work with influencerInfluencer(in)influencers. We’re already talking with a couple.

    Now, let’s test your understanding of some of the words and phrases used in this dialogue. Complete the definitions of the terms and expressions by choosing option a) or b)


    1. If you “increase your traffic”,...  
        a) more people visit your website.  
        b) more people comment on your social media posts.  

     The correct answer is a). If you “increase your traffic”, more people visit       your website.  


    2. If you “alter something”,...  
        a) you continue doing what you have been doing. 
        b) you adjust it.  

    The correct answer is b). If you “alter something”, you adjust it. The verb “alter” is another way of saying “change”.  


    3. “In-app shopping” means... 
        a) you can buy products using the company’s application.  
        b) you can locate physical stores using the company’s application.  

    The correct answer is a). “In-app shopping” means you can buy products using the company’s application.


    Well done. Did you get all those right? If not, listen to the dialogue again and try the exercise once more.


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