Essential phrases for managing a media interview

    Business Spotlight Audio 7/2023
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    Von Hildegard Rudolph

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    In this exercise, you’ll practise some phrases that are useful for managing a media interview. I’ll tell you what to say and give you some of the words that you’ll need. In the pause, form the necessary phrase. Afterwards, you’ll hear the correct version. Don’t worry if your phrase is slightly different from ours. Then repeat the correct version. Ready? Here’s the first one.


    1. To to lay the groundworkdie Grundlage schaffenlay the groundwork for the interview, you ask a basic question.

         ■ Use “what’s”, “main purpose” and “interview”.

         -> What’s the main purpose of the interview?


    2. To prepare your message, you suggest a framework(Bezugs-)Rahmenframework for the interview.

         ■ Use “let’s”, “put”, “this” and “context”.

         -> Let’s put this into context.


    3. You want to know how the interview will be carried out.

         ■ Use “the interview”, “be”, “live” and “recorded”.

         -> Will the interview be live or recorded?


    4. You tell the interviewer that they have to get sth. wrongetw. missverstehen, nicht korrekt wiedergebengot their facts wrong.

         ■ Use “I’m sorry”, “but”, “that”, “not”, “what” and “said”.

         -> I’m sorry, but that is not what I said.


    Excellent. Well done!

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