Parenting and work

    Business Spotlight Audio 8/2020
    Illustration: Frau hält in einer Hand eine Figur, die für Karriere steht und in der anderen, eine, die für Familie steht

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    Transkript: Parenting and work

    David Ingram: Hi, Tenley. You’re a parent, aren’t you?

    Tenley van den Berg: Yes, I have two kids aged seven and nine. Why?

    Ingram: Well, a friend of mine has been a stay-at-home mother for a few years. Now, she is to be keen to do sth. (UK)(unbedingt) etw. tun wollenkeen to get a job, but doesn’t know how to address the gapLückegap in her résumé. Do you have any advice for her?

    van den Berg: I understand how she feels. Parenting small children is extremely demanding and it is a true learning experience. Unfortunately, it’s still culturally unacceptable to list “parenting” on a résumé.

    Ingram: That must be very frustrating for parents wanting to to rejoin the workforcehier: in den Beruf zurückkehren (workforce: Erwerbsbevölkerung)rejoin the workforce.

    van den Berg: It is. Potential employers may be to be reluctant to do sth.zögern, etw. zu tunreluctant to employ someone who’s been out of the workforce for a long time. But not only that: a few years spent child-rearingAufziehen von Kindernchild-rearingarguablywohlarguably one of the most important jobs in the world — often translates into less pay over the course of one’s career.

    Ingram: How should my friend show the value of her years spent rearing children on a résumé, then?

    van den Berg: There are a couple of things she can do. She can write an executive summaryKurzfassungexecutive summary to showcase sth.etw. herausstellenshowcasing her experiences or qualifications. She could also include a section outlining her core proficiencyKernkompetenzcore proficiencies, including skills such as proj­ect management, client relations and cost controls. Any volunteerehrenamtlichvolunteer or part-time work she has done may also give her résumé a to give sth. a boostetw. Auftrieb gebenboost.

    Ingram: Thanks for the tips, Tenley. I’ll pass them along to my friend.

    van den Berg: I hope they help.

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