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    Business Spotlight Audio 5/2021
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    • I was born on January 29, 1954, in Kosciusko, Mississippi. 
    • My mother had me when she was a teenager.
    • In 1972, I was to crown sb. sthhier: jmdn zu etw. kürencrowned Miss Black Tennessee.
    • I was named after a biblical character. The name was to misspell sth.etw. falsch schreibenmisspelled on my birth certificate — and it stuck. 
    • As a young child, I lived with my grandmother on a farm with no running water.
    • I then to alternate between...and...zwischen ... und ... wechselnalternated between living with my mother in Wisconsin and my father in Nashville.
    • After years of sexual abuseMissbrauchabuse, I became pregnant at the age of 14. My son was born prematurelyvor-, frühzeitigprematurely and died.
    • After this traumatic experience, I decided that I did not want to have children, as “I wasn’t to be mothered wellhier: von der Mutter gut erzogen werdenmothered well.
    • I received a full college scholarshipStipendiumscholarship that allowed me to go to Tennessee State University.
    • In 1971, I got a job as a newsreader at a local radio station.
    • At 19, I became the first African-American woman ever to work as a news anchorNachrichtensprecher(in)news anchor in Nashville.
    • In 1976, I moved to Baltimore, where I began to host sth.etw. moderierenhosting People Are Talking.
    • due towegenDue to the popularity of this show, I was hired as a host on A.M. Chicago.
    • I am famous for hosting a talk show that was named after me. The show ran for 25 seasonStaffel; hier: Jahrseasons, from 1986 to 2011.
    • This talk show won 16 Daytime Emmy Awards before I decided to stop to submit sth.etw. einreichensubmitting it for the award.
    • I run my own book club.
    • I to found sth.etw. gründenfounded my own production company. I won’t mention what it is called because it is my name spelled backward.
    • I also started my own magazine and TV network.
    • I have been in 15 films, including Selma, The Color Purple, and The Star.
    • In one of these movies, I voiced an animated camel called Deborah.
    • My net worthVermögennet worth in 2020 was $3.5 billionMilliarde(n)billion (€2.9 billion).
    • I recently interviewed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.
    • I suffer from chiclephobia — the fear of chewing gum.
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