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    Business Spotlight 2/2019
    Von Saskia Rebmann und Ian McMaster

    2002/4 Business Spotlight Cover

    1. The Last Laugh: Speaking

    “Always try to stop talking before people stop listening.”
    (4/2002, p. 104)



    2003/2 Business Spotlight Cover

    2. Business Skills: Chairing meetings

    “If you send pre-meeting literature, it is not guaranteed that anybody will read it. … One way to make sure people read the documentation is to ask for feedback on it before the meeting.”
    (Bob Dignen, 2/2003, p. 65)



    2004/4 Business Spotlight Cover

    3. The Last Laugh: Multitasking

    “Multitasking means that you can fail at several things at once.”
    (4/2004, p. 104)



    2007/2 Business Spotlight Cover

    4. Office Blues: Bluffing

    “Like it or not, one of the greatest forces in business is the power of the bluff. ... After all, it’s not what you know; it’s what people think you know.”
    (Kathrin Hauger, 2/2007, p. 12)



    2008/2 Business Spotlight Cover

    5. Business Skills: Writing

    “Remember the saying: ‘Easy reading is damnedverdammtdamned hard writing’. But that’s the whole point. When we are writing, our task is to make life as easy for our readers as possible.”
    (Ken Taylor, 2/2008, p. 70)



    2008/3 Business Spotlight Cover

    6. Say It in Style: Health and illness

    “In the English-speaking world, the question ‘How are you?’ is usually just a polite greeting. Don’t respond with a complete report of your health status or details of your gastric fluMagen-Darm-Grippegastric flu. The expected answer is ‘Fine, thanks,” or, at worst, ‘Oh, not too bad, thanks’.”
    (Anna Hochsieder, 3/2008, p.54)



    2012/02 Business Spotlight Cover

    7. What I’ve Learned: Focusing

    “People think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. ... I’m actually as proud of the things we haven’t done as the things I have done.”
    (Steve Jobs, 2/2012, p. 64)



    2013/01 Business Spotlight Cover

    8. Language Learning: Collocations

    “My top tip for more advanced learners can be to sum sth. upetw. zusammenfassensummed up in just one word: collocations. … Whenever you read or listen to an English text, underline or write down a few word combinations that you would like to remember.”
    (Anna Hochsieder, 1/2013, p. 45)



    2018/02 Business Spotlight Cover

    9. Executive Eye: Seven strategies for getting to the top

    “Become indispensableunentbehrlichindispensable as quickly as possible. Having a skill setFähigkeiten, Kompetenzenskill set that others need but don’t have is an excellent assetVorteilasset.”
    (Adrian Furnham, 2/2018, p. 85)



    2019/1 Business Spotlight Cover

    10. One Question: Business storytelling

    “Business leaders need to spend more time watching films and reading thrillers if they want to use stories to connect with customers.”
    (Dr James McCabe, 1/2019, p. 86)



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