“Be open to the road twisting and winding”

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    Business Spotlight 1/2023
    Kristen Shenk
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    I left two desirable corporate rolePosition in einem Unternehmencorporate roles, as a seniorleitend, Chef-senior designer at Nike and a creative director at PepsiCo, to start MLTI NYC, a multidisciplinary creative agency in New York. While this trajectoryFlugbahn; hier: Karriereverlauftrajectory might seem unexpected, I have learned the value of doing my own thing.

    to found sth.etw. gründenFounding a to bring sth. to fruitionetw. zum Erfolg bringencompany was not one single decision to leave my safe job and monthly paycheck. It was a series of many decisions. When things got tough, I could either to throw in the toweldas Handtuch werfenthrow in the towel, or I could to double down on sth. (US ifml.)etw. verdoppeln; hier: erhöhen, intensivierendouble down on my commitment. I told myself: “Just start.” And since then, I’ve told myself many times: “Just keep going.” It’s about persistenceAusdauer, Beharrlichkeitpersistence, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be open to change in the future.

    After all, it’s my career transitionberufliche Neuorientierungcareer transitions that have brought me to where I am today and filled my network with lots of talented people, many of whom are now my clients. After experiencing disparityUngleichheit, Unterschieddisparities in different company cultures, I felt more equipped for the journey ahead.

    When I left my job at PepsiCo, I didn’t have agency experience, but I knew I wanted to start one. I educated myself, spoke to agency founders and freelanced for advertising agencies for around six months before officially starting MLTI NYC in May 2018.

    Failure is inevitableunvermeidlichinevitable along the way, but as long as you learn from your failures, then the path will lead you to success. I have realized that I have the ability to do whatever I set my mind to, as long as I trust the process and my own ability to to figure sth. out (ifml.)etw. ergründenfigure things out. I now have a small team that to flexhier: bedarfsweise variierenflexes between 5 and 15 people. I want to keep it small and intimate, while also to ensure sth.etw. sicherstellenensuring that we continue taking on bigger and better projects.

    entrepreneurshipUnternehmertumEntrepreneurship is to empower sb.jmdn. stärken, befähigenempowering, and I love taking action and bringing an idea to fruition. For example, in addition to my creative agency MLTI NYC, I also started a side business, DWNTWN Run Co., after identifying a pain pointSchmerzpunkt; hier: Ärgernis, Problempain point in women’s running apparelBekleidungapparel: a lack of storagehier: Taschenstorage. DWNTWN specializes in running braBHbras with three pockets, where you can keep your phone, cards and keys. With both of my businesses, I’m creating with purposehier: Zweckmäßigkeitpurpose and authenticity, and I believe in what I am doing, every step of the way.

    I’m not a big believer in to map sth. outetw. planenmapping everything out. Have goals, of course, but be open to the road to twistsich schlängelntwisting and to windsich winden, in Kurven verlaufenwinding. You’ll learn along the way.

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