Bullshit Bingo

    Business Spotlight 2/2018
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    Von Susanne Krause

    Have you already done some to do some blue-sky thinkingetwa: unkonventionelle, kreative Ideen habenblue-sky thinking today — to take synergies to the next level? Or are you completely to be out of the loopnicht informiert seinout of the loop?

    Don't worry if you don't have a clueAhnungclue what we're talking about. Or in fact, if sometimes you don't have a clue what your managers or colleagues are talking about. Most professionalhier: Berufstätige(r)professionals have to listen to lots of emptyhier: nichtssagendempty business jargonFachsprachejargon day after day. That's why in the March-April issue of Business Spotlight, we explore the problems that arise from business buzzwordSchlag-, Modewortbuzzwords.

    If you're looking for a somewhat lighter approachHerangehensweiseapproach to the topicThematopic, we recommend our Business Spotlight Bullshit Bingo, the perfect pastime for boring meetings (however: not the pastime that is most likely to earn you a promotionBeförderungpromotion...).

    How to play Business Spotlight Bullshit Bingo

    Game preparation:

    • Print out the PDF below
    • Cut it along the middle line (you can give the other half to another player)
    • Take this sheet to your next meeting


    Business Spotlight Bullshit Bingo

    Download the PDF


    Playing the game:

    • Once a phrase on the bingo card is said, cross it out
    • If you have made three crosses in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line, stand up and shout „Bingo!“

    After the game:

    • Don't come complaining to us if you get fired...
    • Do send us a snapshot of your bingo card via Facebook or e-mail!


    Looking for a safer alternative?

    If you're rather fond of your current position and actually want to pay attention in meetings, we've prepared a safer version of our Bullshit Bingo. In the test below, you have to match buzzword phrases to the corresponding sentences in plain English. Maybe they will help you to better understand what your next meeting is about...


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