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    Business Spotlight 5/2018
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    Von Mike Hogan

    Business travel is an important aspect of working life for many people and can be both fascinating and stressful. Business travel also requires careful preparation. But it can be easy to focus on the business meeting or your other main reason for travelling, and to forget about the other interactions you’ll have along the way — for example at the airport, in a hotel or in a restaurant.


    Useful phrases for travelling on business

    A. Managing the dialogue

    • I’m sorry, I don’t speak… Do you speak German or English?
    • Could you repeat that?
    • Sorry, could you say that again, please?
    • Sorry, could you slow down, please?
    • Excuse me, what do you mean by...?

    B. At the airport

    • Could you tell me where the check-in/departures area is, please?
    • I’m flying with…
    • Where do I drop my bags?
    • How do I get to…?
    • Do you have any charging stationLadestationcharging stations in this area?

    C. At the hotel

    • I have a reservation for… nights.
    • I’d like a non-smoking/quiet room, please.
    • Could I have a room on a higher/lower floor?
    • Is there an ironBügeleiseniron and ironing boardBügelbrettironing board in the room?
    • Is there a code for the Wi-Fi codeWLAN-PasswortWi-Fi or is it open accessfreier Zugangopen access?
    • Can I order a wake-up call/taxi for the morning, please?

    D. In the restaurant

    • I have a(n)… allergy.
    • I’m allergic to…
    • I’d like to have the soup/salad, followed by the chicken/beef/pork/duck.
    • What vegetarian dishes do you have?
    • What would you recommend?
    • Could I have some still/sparkling waterWasser mit Kohlensäure, Sprudelsparkling water, please?
    • I’d like to pay, please.
    • Could you bring me the bill, please?



    Read the following dialogues. As you do, think about the answers to these questions:

    1. What does Rikako do when she hasn’t understood something the assistant said?
    2. How does Steffi remember everything she wants to ask?
    3. How does Oliver decide what to eat?



    1. At the airport

    Rikako: Hello, could you tell me where I can drop one’s bags offsein Gepäck aufgebendrop my bags off? I’m flying with Lufthansa.
    Assistant: Sure, the Lufthansa check-in counterAbfertigungsschaltercheck-in counters are in area E, over there.
    Rikako: Thank you. Do you have any charging stations here?
    Assistant: Yes, look for the BOSE lights in the seating areas after you pass through the security zone.
    Rikako: Excuse me, I don’t understand what you mean. What sort of lights should I look for?
    Assistant: The tall lamps. They’re sponsored by BOSE. That’s where the charging stations are. They’re spread throughout the airport.
    Rikako: OK, thanks.


    2. At the hotel

    desk clerkRezeptionist(in)Desk clerk: Good evening. Checking in?
    Steffi: Yes, I am. My name’s Stefanie Klein. I have a reservation for two nights.
    Desk clerk: Ah, yes. I’ve found it. Did you have a good journey?
    Steffi: Yes, it was fine, thanks. Could I have a room on a lower floor, please?
    Desk clerk: Sure. That’s no problem. Here’s your room key.
    Steffi: Thank you. Oh, I have a couple of questions. Is there a Wi-Fi code or is it open access?
    Desk clerk: There’s a code. Here are the details.
    Steffi: And is there an iron and ironing board in the room, or can you bring one up? My blouseBluseblouse is creasedzerknitttertcreased from travelling.
    Desk clerk: I can have one brought up to your room.
    Steffi: Great. Thank you.
    Desk clerk: Is there anything else?
    Steffi: Yes, there was something else. Wait, I’ll just check my notes. Ah, yes, can I order a wake-up call for seven and a taxi for eight, please?
    Desk clerk: Certainly. I’ll organize that for you.


    3. In the restaurant

    Waiter: Would you like one of the daily specials?
    Oliver: Sure.
    Waiter: Well, we’ve got…

    Oliver: Sorry, could you slow down a little? I didn’t to catch sth.hier: etw. (akustisch) verstehencatch them all.
    Waiter: I’m sorry. They were…

    Waiter: Are you ready to order?
    Oliver: Not really. I’m not familiar with this kind of food. What would you recommend? Oh, by the way, I have a nut and garlicKnoblauchgarlic allergy.
    Waiter: OK. Well, how about the…?



    Here are the answers to the three questions we asked. Select the questions to read the answers.

    Rikako asks a question to to clarify sth.etw. (ab)klärenclarify the meaning of the expression “BOSE lights”.

    Steffi had prepared a list of questions that she wanted to ask.

    Oliver asks the waiter for a recommendation.

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