Desert dreams

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    Business Spotlight 8/2022
    Burning Man
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    At the end of August, the dry desert in northwestern Nevada suddenly to spring to lifelebendig werdensprings to life. Strangely dressed people arrive and build a temporary settlementSiedlungsettlement, called Black Rock City. In a little over a week, its population grows from zero to about 70,000 and then goes back to zero. This is Burning Man, a festival of art and creativity.

    “Burners” are famous for their wild, artistic creations and for getting covered in white desert dust. The event is an expression of anti-commercialism — no money transactions are allowed; instead, people are encouraged to share. However, tickets cost hundreds of dollars each, and most visitors spend between $1,000 and $5,000 on travel and supplies. This benefits Nevada’s local economy with an estimated $60 million in retailEinzelhandelretail spending and state taxes.

    The party ends, after the burning of a huge wooden human effigyBildnis; hier: Statueeffigy, on Labor DayTag der ArbeitLabor Day, which is the first Monday in September and marks the end of America’s summer vacation. After that, Black Rock City disappears for another year, and everybody goes back to work in the normal economy.

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