A diverted flight

    Business Spotlight 3/2017
    Flugzeug im Nebel.
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    Von Ken Taylor

    On board at last

    Announcement: We apologize for the late departure of this flight, which to be due toauf etw. zurückzuführen seinwas due to the late arrival of the inboundankommendinbound aircraftFlugzeugaircraft.
    John: An hour and a half late! Still, better late than never, I suppose.
    Andrea: They never say what the problem actually is, do they?
    John: No, but I can guess. According to my weather app, there’s a thick fogNebelfog in London. That’s probably slowing down all the take-offStarttake-offs and landings.
    Andrea: I hope it doesn’t to affectsich auf etw. auswirkenaffect our landing.
    John: It could do. We might have to to circle round (UK)Warteschleifen fliegencircle round for a while before they let us land.
    Andrea: I talked to Mike before we boarded. He’ll check arrivals on his phone before coming to meet us.
    John: Good. Otherwise, he could be waiting for quite a while.


    The diversion (UK)Kursänderung, Umleitungdiversion

    Pilot: I’m sorry to have to tell you that the weather conditions in London have got much worse in the last hour. No flights are being allowed to land. We have been to divert sb./sth.jmdn./etw. umleitendiverted to Birmingham. Our ETA (estimated time of arrival)voraussichtliche AnkunftszeitETA at East Midlands Airport is 14.30. I’m sorry for the inconvenienceUnannehmlichkeit(en)inconvenience. I’ll let you know the transfer arrangements as soon as I hear more.
    Andrea: Oh, dear. I hope Mike realizes what’s happened.
    John: We’ll give him a call as soon as we land. I expect they’ll to lay sth. on (ifml.)etw. bereitstellenlay on some buses for us.
    Andrea: Where will they take us?
    John: To Heathrow, I imagine. But it will take quite a while. The bus trip will be a good couple of hours even if the traffic is OK.
    Andrea: Oh, well. At least we’ll be in the UK!



    Pilot: Buses have been arranged to take you to Heathrow. Go through immigration and pick up any luggageGepäckluggage you may have. You will be met in the arrivals hall by representatives of the airline, who will show you to the transfer buses. I’ve been told that the journey time is expected to be just under three hours. Once again, we to apologize for sth.sich für etw. ent
schuldigenapologize for the inconvenience, but as you know, your safety is our first priority.
    Andrea: With any luck, we can get on the first bus, as we’ve only got hand luggage.
    John: And we’re close to the front, so we should get through passport control quickly, too.
    Andrea: I’ll call Mike now.


    On the bus

    Andrea: Wow! to make sth.hier: etw. erwischenMade the first bus!
    John: That was a good idea of yours to take the lift rather than the escalatorRolltreppeescalator — it saved a few seconds and got us to the head of the queueSchlangequeue.
    Andrea: I feel sorry for the people waiting for their luggage. It could take a long time before they get their buses.
    John: Oh, well. At least we’ve arrived safely. What did Mike have to say?
    Andrea: He said to give him a call when we’re on the M (motorway) (UK)A (Autobahn)M25 and he’ll head out to meet us then.
    John: It’s really nice of him to help us out like this. We could have got a cabTaxicab.
    Andrea: We’ve known each other for years. I always look after him when he comes to Dortmund.
    John: Perhaps we can to buy sb. dinnerhier: jmdn. zum Abendessen einladenbuy him dinner tomorrow as a way of saying thanks.
    Andrea: Good idea. Let’s ask him if he’s free.


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