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    Business Spotlight 7/2018
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    When organizations are less willing to give pay rises, perk (ifml.)(Sonder-)Vergünstigungperks and benefitZusatz-, Nebenleistungbenefits become increasingly important and can compensate for lower remunerationVergütungremuneration. These benefits may include crèche facility (UK)Kinderkrippe, -betreuungseinrichtungcrèche facilities, cycle-to-work schemeProgrammschemes enabling employees to hire or buy bicycles at preferential rates, season ticketZeitkarteseason ticket loanDarlehenloans for public transport, so that employees can benefit from yearly season ticket prices without paying everything at once, subsidizedsubventioniertsubsidized canteens, and free food and drink.

    Many employees also welcome the opportunity to organize their working hours around their lifestyles. Benefits such as flexitimeGleitzeitflexitime, TOIL (time off in lieu) (UK)ZeitausgleichTOIL (time off in lieu) arrangements, duvet day (UK, ifml.)(vom Arbeitgeber tolerierter) Abwesenheitstagduvet days, unlimited holiday and sabbaticals can also be welcome perks.

    Organizations don’t offer benefits out of the goodness of their hearts, however. A good benefits packageLeistungspaketbenefits package can be a means of expressing thanks for good staff performance, can increase employee engagementMitarbeitereinbindungemployee engagement, reduce staff turnoverMitarbeiterfluktuationstaff turnover and ultimately save money by avoiding the need for a regular pay rise.

    Managers may also enjoy company cars, private medical or dental insuranceVersicherunginsurance, or a company pension schemeAltersversorgungpension scheme. Luxury cars with higher emissions are often taxed more highly, however, and are no longer the status symbols they used to be.

    One sector that has always had fewer benefits is the hospitality and service industryGaststätten- und Dienstleistungsgewerbehospitality and service industry. One of the few benefits that staff have traditionally enjoyed is tips. This practice is dying out, however, as more and more customers pay restaurant and bar bills by credit card and contactless payments — and are no longer rounding up bills or leaving some money on the table. Some employers even include an amount for tips in their staff’s hourly rate, with the result that they effectively pay below the minimum wage.

    The modern trend of contactless payments has even spread to street performances. At the 2018 Edinburgh International Festival, people were able to “to tap to tipetwa: (jmdm.) bargeldlos per Handy Geld gebentap to tip” using technology provided by Swedish company iZettle (owned by PayPal) rather than leaving coins in a hat.



    Useful vocabulary

    Expand your vocabulary with these terms relating to pay and benefits. Select a word to see its translation and add those words that you want to learn to your vocabulary list.


    Your pay

    • Abzugdeductiondeduction
    • get a pay rise (UK) / get a raise (US)eine Gehaltserhöhung bekommenget a pay rise (UK) / get a raise (US)
    • gross payBruttogehalt, Bruttolohngross pay
    • hourly rateStundenlohn, -satzhourly rate
    • minimum wageMindestlohnminimum wage
    • net payNettogehalt, Nettolohnnet pay
    • paydayZahltagpayday
    • pay packetLohntütepay packet
    • pay rise (UK) / pay raise (US)Gehaltserhöhungpay rise (UK) / pay raise (US)

    • pay slipGehalts-, Lohnabrechnungpay slip

    • salaryGehaltsalary

    • take-home payNettoverdiensttake-home pay

    • taxSteuertax

    • to tax (sth.)(etw.) besteuerntax (sth.)

    • wageLohnwage

    • wage packetLohntütewage packet


    Perks and benefits

    • advanceVorschussadvance
    • benefitZusatz-, Nebenleistungbenefit
    • bonusBonus, Erfolgsprämiebonus
    • childcare voucherGutschein für Kinderbetreuungchildcare voucher
    • commissionProvisioncommission
    • company carFirmenwagencompany car
    • crèche facility (UK) / childcare facility (US)Kinderkrippe, -betreuungseinrichtungcrèche facility (UK) / childcare facility (US)
    • cycle-to-work schemeAnreizprogramm zum Umstieg aufs Fahrrad für den Weg zur Arbeitcycle-to-work scheme
    • death-in-service benefitsLeistungen bei tödlichem Arbeitsunfalldeath-in-service benefits
    • dental carezahnmedizinische Versorgungdental care
    • disincentivenegativer Anreizdisincentive
    • duvet day (UK, ifml.)(vom Arbeitgeber tolerierter) Abwesenheitstagduvet day
    • flexidayGleittag, ganztägiger Zeitausgleichflexiday
    • flexitimeGleitzeitflexitime
    • healthcaremedizinische Versorgunghealthcare
    • holiday entitlement (UK) / vacation entitlement (US)Urlaubsanspruchholiday entitlement (UK) / vacation entitlement (US)
    • incentiveAnreizincentive
    • outplacement servicesLeistungen zur beruflichen Neuorientierung (bei Verlust des Arbeitsplatzes)outplacement services
    • payday loanÜberbrückungskreditpayday loan
    • perk (ifml.)(Sonder-)Vergünstigungperk
    • personnel loanMitarbeiterdarlehenpersonnel loan

    • preferential rateVorzugspreis, -tarifpreferential rate

    • to provide a benefiteine Zusatzleistung gewährenprovide a benefit

    • retail voucherEinkaufssgutscheinretail voucher

    • revenue shareUmsatzbeteiligungrevenue share

    • sabbaticalSabbatjahrsabbatical

    • season ticketZeitkarteseason ticket

    • staff canteen/cafeteriaMitarbeiterkantine/-cafeteriastaff canteen/cafeteria

    • staff discountMitarbeiterrabattstaff discount

    • STL (season ticket loan)ZeitkartendarlehenSTL (season ticket loan)

    • to subsidize sth.etw. subventionierensubsidize sth.

    • subsidySubventionsubsidy

    • to tailor one’s working hoursseine Arbeitszeit individuell gestaltentailor one’s working hours

    • taxable benefitssteuerlich zu berücksichtigende Zusatz- bzw. Nebenleistungentaxable benefits

    • tax-exemptsteuerfrei; steuerbefreittax-exempt

    • TOIL (time off in lieu) (UK) / compensatory time off (US)ZeitausgleichTOIL (time off in lieu) (UK) / compensatory time off (US)

    • TOIL day (UK)im Rahmen des Zeitausgleichs freigenommener TagTOIL day (UK)

    • unlimited holiday (UK) / unlimited vacation (US)unbegrenzter Urlaubunlimited holiday (UK) / unlimited vacation (US)

    • to work from homevon zuhause aus arbeitenwork from home


    Tipping and service

    • to add a servicecharge eine Servicegebühr aufschlagenadd a service charge
    • cashless paymentbargeldloses Bezahlencashless payment
    • contactless paymentkontaktloses Bezahlencontactless payment
    • cover chargeKosten für ein Gedeckcover charge
    • to deduct a service chargeeine Servicegebühr abziehendeduct a service charge
    • discretionarynach eigenem Ermessen, beliebigdiscretionary
    • to give a tipein Trinkgeld gebengive a tip
    • gratuityBedienungs-, Trinkgeldgratuity
    • to leave a tipein Trinkgeld hinterlassenleave a tip
    • to levy a service chargeeine Servicegebühr erhebenlevy a service charge
    • optionaloptional, freiwilligoptional
    • to pay by cardmit Karte zahlenpay by card
    • to pool tipTrinkgelder sammelnpool tip

    • to refuse to pay a service chargedie Zahlung einer Servicegebühr verweigernrefuse to pay a service charge

    • zo reward (good service)(guten Service) belohnenreward (good service)

    • round up (an amount/ a bill)(eine Summe/ Rechnung) aufrundenround up (an amount/a bill)

    • service chargeServicegebührservice charge

    • to share tipsTrinkgelder teilenshare tips

    • to split tipsTrinkgelder aufteilensplit tips

    • tipTrinkgeldtip

    • tronc (UK)Trinkgeldkasse für Servicepersonaltronc

    • troncmaster (UK)Verantwortliche(r) für die Verwaltung der Trinkgeldkassetroncmaster

    • to withhold a servicecharge eine Servicegebühr einbehaltenwithhold a service charge

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