Full marks to Sweet Farm

    Business Spotlight 5/2020
    Von Tenley van den Berg

    Full marks to…Die Bestnote erhält ...Full marks to Sweet Farm, for finding an innovative way to raise moneyGeld beschaffenraise money.

    Are you looking for a way to energize a dull videoconference with your friends or colleagues? A cameoKurz-, Gastauftrittcameo by a goatZiegegoat would prob­ably to do the trickden Zweck erfüllen, ausreichendo the trick. Sweet Farm, an animal sanctuaryTierasyl (sanctuary , Zuflucht(sort))animal sanctuary in California, has found a clever way to to cash in on sth.von etw. profitierencash in on the increase in videoconferences during the coronavirus pandemic.

    For a $100 donation, a goat will make an appearance on your team’s videoconference

    The programme is called Goat-2-Meeting. In addition to the options for individuals for virtual birthday parties or online happy hours, the farm has a range of offers for companies. For a $100 (€92) donationSpendedonation, a goat or any one of the farm’s 125 rescued animals will make an appearance on your team’s videoconference. For a $750 (€690) donation, your team gets an animal cameo plus a 25-minute VIP tour of the farm with its executive directorGeschäftsfüh- rer(in); Leiter(in)executive director. The money that Sweet Farm raises will support its mission to house animals rescued from inhumane factory-farming conditions and pay for projects that promote vegan food production.

    Goat-2-Meeting has been a huge success. The booking page of the Sweet Farm website says the organization has been surprised by the response to the programme and has been “to overload sb./sth. with sth.jmdn./etw. mit etw. überfrachten; hier: überflutenoverloaded with requests”. It must be the animal attraction.

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