Full marks to the Wefood supermarket

    Eine freiwillige Mitarbeiterin befüllt die Regale im Wefood-Supermarkt
    Von Margaret Davis

    Full marks toDie Bestnote erhält ...Full marks to the Wefood supermarket for selling food products that are past their sell-by dateMindesthaltbarkeitsdatumsell-by date. This Copenhagen charity storeSozialladen, -kaufhauscharity store has been so popular that it opened two branchFilialebranches in 2016.

    Customers are supportive of Wefood’s aim to reduce food waste. “It’s awesometoll (ifml.)awesome that instead of throwing things out, they are choosing to sell it for money,” student Signe Skovgaard Sørensen told Agence France-Presse. “You support a good causehier: Sachecause.”

    It is legal to sell expiredabgelaufenexpired food in Denmark, if it is clearly marked and does not present a health hazard. “We look, we smell, we feel the product and see if it’s still to be consumableverzehrbar seinconsumable,” says project leader Bassel Hmeidan.

    We look, we smell, we feel the product and see if it’s still consumable

    All products at the stores are to donate sth.etw. spendendonated by producers and local supermarkets, as well as by import and export companies. Staff are Freiwillige(r)volunteervolunteers and all profits go to charityhier: karitative Zweckecharity.

    Because the products are donated, what is on offer varies from day to day. This makes it difficult for shoppers to make plans,  but if they are lucky enough to find what they are looking for, they will spend only about half as much as at a normal supermarket.

    According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, about 1.3 billionMilliarde(n)billion tonnes of food are wasted annuallyjährlichannually. This is enough to feed one billion people, the organization says.

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