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    Von Margaret Davis

    The number of young farmers in the U.S. is growing — and the majority of them are both well educated and from non-farming families. According to the U.S. Landwirtschafts
ministeriumDepartment of Agriculture (US)Department of Agriculture (USDA), 69 percent of farmers under 35 have college degreeAbschlussdegrees, considerably more than in the rest of the population.

    Many of the first-time farmers previouslyfrüher, zuvorpreviously worked in urban offices. Liz Whitehurst, 32, who grew up in Chicago, now grows organic vegetables on a three-acreMorgenacre farm in Maryland. “I wanted to to have a positive impactetwas Positives bewirkenhave a positive impact, and that just felt very distant in my other jobs out of college,” she told The Washington Post. “In farming, on the other hand, you to make a differenceetwas bewirkenmake a difference.”

    “I wanted to have a positive impact, and that just felt very distant in my other jobs out of college

    In states such as California, Nebraska, and South Dakota, the number of new farmers has grown by 20 percent or more, the USDA says. Many of the newcomers are creating “food hubZentrumhubs,” through which they store sth.etw. (ein)lagernstore, to process sth.etw. verarbeitenprocess, and sell their products together. This makes them more competitivewettbewerbsfähigcompetitive in their dealings with national suppliers. “I get calls all the time from farmers — some of the largest farmers in the country — asking me when the local and organicökologisch, Bio-organic fadModeerscheinungfads will be over,” says consultantBerater(in)consultant Eve Turow Paul. “It’s my pleasure to tell them: Look at this generation. mach(en Sie) mitget on board (ifml.)Get on board or go out of business.”

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