How much plastic is out there?

    Business Spotlight 6/2018
    Illustration: Plastikflaschen im Wasser
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    Could you say how many plastic bottles have passed through your hands within the last year? Or how many plastic strawStrohhalmstraws came with your cocktails and latte macchiatos? Plastic is ominipresentallgegenwärtigomnipresent in our lives. However, the plastic waste we create isn’t necessarily impermanentvergänglichimpermanent: instead, it to floattreibenfloats in the ocean or to get washed ashorean Land angeschwemmt werdengets washed ashore on beaches far away. In Business Spotlight 6/18, we take a closer look at the global problem that plastic waste to pose a problemein Problem darstellenposes.

    With our quiz below, you can test yourself: do you know how many plastic bottles are produced worldwide? By whom? And — even more importantly — what happens to all that plastic once it has served its primary purposeHauptzweckprimary purpose?


    Plastic Quiz GPGP


    2. The GPGP

    Müll im Meer

    The world’s largest garbage patchMüllstrudelgarbage patch is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP), located between Hawaii and California.


    3. Plastic bottles

    Around 480 billionMilliarde(n)billion plastic bottles were sold globally in 2016.

    How many of these bottles were made by Coca-Cola? Click on the correct chart to answer the question.

    Plastic Quiz what happened 2


    4. What’s happened to all the plastic?

    Around 8.3 billion tons of plastic have been produced since its commercialization in the 1950s. A study by Professor Roland Geyer explored what happened to it. Can you guess the outcomeErgebnisoutcome?


    5. How long will it be around?

    Click the time beamZeitstrahltime beam to guess how long the itemGegenstanditems below take to decomposesich zersetzen, sich abbauendecompose.









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