How to survive a Skype interview

    Business Spotlight 5/2016
    Tipps für ein erfolgreiches Vorstellungsgespräch über Skype.
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    In our increasingly globalized world, more and more job interviewBewerbungsgesprächjob interviews take place by telephone or video. What should you consider if you’re invited to take part in a Skype interview?

    1. Check your computer

    “Make sure that you test your equipment, ensuring that your camera and microphone are working, then be to be logged onsich zugeschaltet habenlogged on about ten minutes in advanceim Voraus, eherin advance, just as you would arrive at the reception of a company early,” says consultantBerater(in)consultant Farida Gibbs of Gibbs S3. “Also, make sure your username sounds professional, as this will be shared with the interviewerPerson, die ein Bewerbungsgespräch durchführtinterviewer, ” Gibbs told The Daily Telegraph.

    2. Look professional

    Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you should do the interview in pyjamas. “Do not attempt just to be smartschick, elegantsmart from the waistTaillewaist up, assumingvon etw. ausgehenassuming the interviewer will only see the top half of your body,” warns Graham Oates of Norrie Johnston Re­cruitmentPersonaleinstellung; hier: PersonalagenturRe­cruitment. “I have been in plenty of Skype interview situations where the candidate has had to stand up. So dress as if you were going to an in-personpersönlich; hier: in echtin-person interview.”


    Dress as if you were going to an in-person interview

    3. Your surroundings are important

    IntervieweePerson, die zu einem Bewerbungsgespräch eingeladen wurdeInterviewees should be careful in ensuring that the background is appropriateangemessen, passendappropriate, and is not to be distracting for sb.jmdn. ablenken, störendistracting for the interviewer,” says Lee Biggins of the British job siteStellenbörse im internetjob site CV (curriculum vitae)LebenslaufCV-Library. “No annoyingnervig, störendannoying ceiling fanDeckenventilatorceiling fans to whirsurrenwhirring in the corner, no dogs to barkbellenbarking in the room next door or cats to crawlkriechencrawling in front of the screen, and absolutely no inappropriate pictures or photos in the background,” Biggins adds.

    4. Look your interviewers in the eye

    “Candidates should always to ensure sth.etw. sicherstellenensure they are looking directly at their interviewers by looking into the webcam and not at the screen,” advises Sarah Shaw of the recruiting firm Odgers Interim. “Eye contact by Skype is just as important as in a conventional interview settingUmgebungsetting.”

    5. to cheathier: spickenCheat

    Remember, no one can see what's in front of you. “A huge advantage of video interviews is that you can have promptStichwortprompts and crib sheetSpickzettelcrib sheets,” says Huw Jones of Michael Page Digital. “Set them just above the linehier: Sichtfeldbegrenzungline of the camera and no one will even know you are using them.”

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