The power of autism

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    Autistic employees are highly valued in the IT industry for their logical thinking, their ability to recognize patternMuster, Strukturpatterns in large data sets, their persistenceAusdauer, Beharrlichkeitpersistence and their often extraordinary powers of concentration. All these factors have led Auticon, a London-based consultancy, to specialize in providing IT companies with appropriate autistic employees.

    Software developer Dirk Müller-Remus, Auticon’s German founderGründer(in)founder, got the idea when his son was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome in 2007. Myles Findlay, 22, says that Auticon’s training has given him new confidence. “I have skills and don’t need to worry about the conditionhier: Krankheitcondition,” Findlay told the Financial Times.

    It’s a mistake to assume that all autistic employees will have the same abilities

    But it’s a mistake to assume that all autistic employees will have the same abilities, warns Emma Jones, partnership and employment training coordinator at the National Autistic Society. Jones tells the story of a woman who was desperately unhappy after being to shift sb.jmdn. versetzenshifted to the finance department of her firm following an autism diagnosis. “She hated maths,” Jones explains.


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