Sleep tight!

    Frau mit Schlafmaske in schmiedeeisernem Bett
    Von Lois Hoyal

    To perform well in the workplace, we clearly need sufficient sleep. Yet stress and insomniaSchlaflosigkeitinsomnia are intimate to be bedfellowshier: zusammen- gehören, sich gegenseitig bedingenbedfellows. “Stress directly impacts our ability to fall asleep at night, which results in lack of sleep,” says Sofia Axelrod, a sleep researcher at Rockefeller University, New York, who works in the lab of Michael Young, winner of the Nobel Prize for his work on circadian rhythmzirkadianer Rhythmus, Tag-Nacht-Rhythmuscircadian rhythms.

    Dr Axelrod’s sleep method

    When she became pregnant with her first child, Sofia Axelrod had one major fear. “Having struggled my whole life with insomnia as well as my moods, I was terrified of never being able to sleep again. I think that was the reason why I used all my research knowledge to try and help my baby sleep through the night as fast as possible.”

    She developed a sleep method using basic findings about the biology of sleep and circadian rhythms. It also works for adults. Follow these three steps:

    1. to figure sth. out (ifml.)etw. herausfindenFigure out your sleep needs by adding 15 minutes of sleep every night at bedtime until you feel rested the next day.
    2. Eliminate blue light at night, starting three hours before bedtime. Keep your bedroom dark using blackoutVer-, Abdunkelungblackout shadeRolladen, Rolloshades. Get blue light filter apps or switch to night mode on electronic devices. Dim your TV and keep it in the living room, not in your bedroom.
    3. Go to bed and get up at the same time every day, including weekends and holidays. Minimize travel across time zones.


    Listen to Dr Axelrod talk about her method in this podcast


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