Ten techniques for facilitating conference calls

    Business Spotlight 6/2018
    Illustration: zwei Figuren telefonieren miteinander
    Von Bob Dignen
    1. Dial into the meeting early, and welcome people positively and proactively when they enter the call, explaining to new joiners who is already present.
    2. Deal with quality problems immediately, for example background noise, people breathing noisily into their phones, etc.
    3. If you delay the start because of late joiners, encourage people to to go on mutedie Stummschaltung aktivierengo on mute and then again on to go on unmutedie Lautschaltung aktivierenunmute at a specific time.
    4. Open with a reviewÜberblickreview of the aims and key points to be achieved. to acknowledge sth.etw. anerkennenAcknowledge different interests and viewpoints if necessary to to diffuse sth.etw. (auf)lösendiffuse potential conflicts.
    5. Discuss the procedure and the flexibility of the agenda. Ask people not to introduce too many alternative ideas, as this can make controlling the discussion difficult.
    6. Communicate the protocolshier: Regelnprotocols that you wish to be followed, reminding people not to speak for too long, and explaining your right to interrupt.
    7. Encourage participants to include “isolated” individuals who are participating in the call in an office all by themselves.
    8. Manage native speakers to avoid the risk of them dominating the discussion.
    9. Ask people by name to comment on the opinions of others, in order to create a group feeling and encourage teamwork.
    10. to clarify (sth.)etw. klarstellen, erläuternClarify frequently to support understanding by the whole group.

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