Test yourself: The language of trade fairs

    Business Spotlight Übungsheft 5/2018
    Illustration: Frau am Messestand
    © Bernhard Förth
    Von Deborah Capras

    International trade fairs are important events on the business calendar. Are you familiar with the language you’ll need for talking about and attending trade fairs? Test yourself with the exercises below.



    More on the language of trade fairs
    Business Spotlight 5/18 comes with a free Skill Up! booklet on the language of trade fairs. Whether you’re a trade fair exhibitor or visitor, you’ll find a selection of useful words in Word Bank. The dialogues in the In Context section focus on phrases for talking about locations, making decisions about stand designs and presenting your products and services. In the grammar section, we look at a number of ways to give instructions at the trade fair.

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