What is the connection between social media and social health?

    Business Spotlight 3/2018
    Julia Hobsbawm

    Technology is now the basis for most communication and connection. Our hyperconnected world is full of positive possibilities, but we need to balance our online and offline lives.

    Both the problems and solutions of how we connect socially should be seen in terms of health and what I call “social health”. Just as we take care of our physical and mental healthseelische Gesundheitmental health with a model of “nutritionErnährungnutrition + exercisehier: Sportexercise + sleep”, we need a similar frameworkRahmen(werk); hier auch: Grundstrukturframework for social health, based on “knowledge + networks + time”, or “who you know, what you know, when you know it and the balance between living online and offline”.

    Julia Hobsbawm is the author of Fully Connected: Social Health in an Age of Overload (Bloomsbury Publishing). Find out more on her homepage:

    My whole approach to connectedness is fundamentally different to that of my children, millennialzwischen 1980 und 2000 geborene Person (Generation Y)millennial and Generation ZNachfolgegeneration der Generation YGeneration Z digital nativePerson, die mit digitalen Technologien aufgewachsen istdigital natives” who use social media to exist — to post, to chat, to share, textsimsento text.

    To be with someone face-to-face has a higher value than to be ‘with’ them on Facebook

    I balance the time I spend online and offline, and I observe what I call the “hierarchy of communication”: to be with someone face-to-facepersönlich, in direktem Gegenüberface-to-face has a higher value than to be “with” them on Facebook.

    Social media is good for many things, but it spreads a form of disconnection from intimacy, trust. It spreads hate and simplification to the point of “fake news”.

    Stress levels are rising, not falling. They count for up to 60 per cent of working days lost in the EU each year. Social media also to suck sth. awayetw. aufsaugen; hier: verschlingensucks away time, which we cannot stretch beyond 168 hours in a week, one third of which we typically spend sleeping. Is it healthy to spend as many as 11 hours a day online? Of course not!

    The connection between social media and social health is this: you need to look after your time and relationships offline as much as online. You need to to reclaim sth.etw. zurückgewinnenreclaim time, and reclaim connection.

    Remember: social health is healthier than social media.



    Watch a TED Talk by Julia Hobsbawm:


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