Word Watcher: “bleisure trip”, “shrinkflation” and “workaround”

    bleisure trip, shrinkflation, workaround

    bleisure trip

    The term “bleisure” combines the words “business” and “leisureFreizeitleisure”. A “bleisure trip” refers to a business trip that is extended to include leisure activities.

    “Julia has just come back to London from her American bleisure trip. Her family joined her in Orlando after the conference.”



    This term refers to the practice of reducing the size of a product or its packagingVerpackungpackaging, but without lowering the price. The US food company Mondelez International got a lot of complaints when it reduced the number of peakGipfel; hier: Dreieckpeaks in its Toblerone chocolate barSchokoladentafel, -riegelchocolate bar as a reaction to higher prices for cocoa.

    “The new Toblerone illustrates how shrinkflation works in the confectionery industrySüßwarenbrancheconfectionery industry.”



    This term, which comes from computing, refers to a temporary solution to a problem. It is now widely used outside the IT world.

    “Don’t worry about the missing document, James. We’ll find a workaround before the presentation.”

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