“Make” or “do”?

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    Von Anna Hochsieder

    Do you do a cake? Or do you make it?

    Learners are often not sure when to use “make” and when to use “do”. What about you? Test yourself with the exercise below. If you’d like to start with a short overview of the difference between “make” and “do”, click on the box below.

    Make is generally used to talk about producing or creating something. The focus is on the result:
    ●  I’m just making coffee. Would you like some?


    Do is typically used to talk about general activity, work, study and repeated activities. In these cases, the focus is on the activity:
    We no longer do business with that company.
    ● Who does the cooking in your family?


    Both “make” and “do” are used in a lot of fixed phrases that simply have to be learned.

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