Business Spotlight Plus 7/2020: Hörverständnis

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    The listening exercises in Business Spotlight Plus (p.15) are based on the article “Career highs and lows” (Names & News, p. 9). Here, we provide you with the audio file and transcript.

    Career highs and lows

    Kathy Sullivan was born to explore. “I was al - ways a prettyhier: ziemlichpretty adventurous and curious child, with interests wider and more varied than the stereotype of a little girl,” the 69-yearold American told the BBC. She studied earth sciencesGeowissenschaftenearth sciences and geology. In 1978, Sullivan became one of the first women to be accepted intohier: in etw. aufgenommen werdenaccepted into NASA’s space program. In 1984, she became the first woman to do a spacewalk.
    More than 30 years later, Sullivan got a call from U.S. investor and former naval officerMarineoffizier(in)naval officer Victor Vescovo. He invited her to go with him to the Challenger DeepChallengertiefChallenger Deep in the Mariana TrenchMarianengrabenMariana Trench, southeast of Guam. At nearly 11 kilometers deep, it is the lowest known point on earth. Sullivan accepted the invitation, and, in June, she became the first woman to reach the deepest point in the ocean. When she returned to the ship after the diveTauchgangdive, Sullivan called the International Space Station (ISS). The call brought her extraordinary accomplishmentLeistung, Erfolgaccomplishments bring sth. full circle(mit etw.) den Kreis schließenfull circle.