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    Transcript: Vocabulary exercise

    If you have to discuss arrangements for making a presentation in someone else’s office, you will need to know the right vocabulary to explain your needs. Let’s practise some useful words now.

    First, you will hear a description. Then you will hear two words or phrases, a) and b). In the pause, decide which of these best matches the description. OK? Let’s start with the first one.

    1. The chairs for the audienceZuhörer(innen)audience are placed around one long table. Is this called…
    a) boardroomSitzungssaalboardroom-style seating?
    b) U-formed seating?

    a) is correct. When an audience is placed around one long table, it is “boardroom- style” seating. U-formed seating is when the tables are arranged in a U-configuration, with the speaker at the open end of the arrangement. Next one.

    2. A padBlockpad of large sheetBogen; auch: Lakensheets of paper to mount sth.etw. befestigenmounted on a stand. Is this called…
    a) a writing pad?
    b) a flip chart?

    b) is correct. A “flip chart” is a pad of large paper mounted on a stand. A “writing pad” is a smaller pad of paper for individual use. OK, next one.

    3. The wire that connects your computer to the projector. Is this called…
    a) a scart cable?
    b) a live cable?

    a) is correct. You usually connect your laptop to a projector through a “scart cable”. A “live cable” is one that has electricity passing through it. OK, next one.

    4. The chairs are arranged in rows without tables, facing the presenterModerator(in), Sitzungsleiter(in)presenter. Is this called…
    a) banquet style?
    b) theatre style(Anordnung mit) Stuhlreihentheatre style?

    b) is correct. “Theatre-style” seating is where the chairs are arranged in rows without tables, facing the presenter. “Banquet-style” seating is when the audience is seated at round tables. OK, last one.

    5. A projector attached to the upper interior surface of a room. Is this called…
    a) a ceiling-mountedan der Decke befestigt, Decken-ceiling-mounted projector?
    b) a cinema projector?

    a) is correct. If a projector is attached to the ceiling, it is “ceiling-mounted”. A “cinema pro- jector” projects pictures from a reel of filmFilmrollereel of film.

    How did you get on? If there were some words or phrases you didn’t know, go back and learn them.


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