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    Discussing the presentation

    Miguel: I think my team would like to hear about your quality-control tools. Would you be able to come down to Barcelona for half a day with us?
    Gwen: That should be OK. I could get an early flight in the morning and be with you just before lunch. Then I could get the last flight back that evening.
    Miguel: Or come the night before, spend the morning with us and get an afternoon flight back to the UK. We have a company guest house nearby.
    Gwen: That sounds more civilizedhier: angenehmcivilized than a 16-hour day, I must say!
    Miguel: Good. It’s just a question of when we can make it happen.
    Gwen: I’ll need to to finalize sth.etw. endgültig festlegenfinalize it with my boss first, but a couple of days in the week beginning the 15th would work for me, if that’s of use.
    Miguel: That would be perfect. We’ll all be back from the trade fairMessetrade fair in Florence by then.
    Gwen: Super. I’ll just chat to Harry and to get back to sb.sich wieder bei jmdm. meldenget back to you by mail this afternoon.

    Talking to the boss

    Gwen: I’ve just had a call from Miguel Oliveras at Cabrera Enterprises in Barcelona. He wants me to go down to Barcelona and present our quality- control packagePaket; hier: Systempaketpackage to his management team.
    Harry: Sounds promising. How did you get that contact?
    Gwen: We met at a seminar about a year ago and kept up sporadic contact afterwards. Miguel has just been to promote sb.jmdn. befördernpromoted to head of production.
    Harry: What’s the likelihood of getting some business from them? Worth the expenseKostenexpense of the trip?
    Gwen: He’s offered to to put sb. uphier: jmdn. unterbringenput me up in their guest house, so it’s just the airfareFlugkostenairfare and 24 hours of my time. I think there is a good chance of some sort of sale. Miguel wants to to make a marksich profilierenmake a mark in his new job. And I think he thinks we can help him do that.
    Harry: Fine. I trust your intuition. Make the arrangements and I’ll to sign sth. offetw. unterzeichnen, absegnensign off on them.

    Making travel arrangements

    Gwen: Good morning, Martina. I’m calling to make the arrangements for my visit on the 15th.
    Martina (Miguel’s PA (personal assistant)Chefsekretär(in)PA): Sure. How can I help you?
    Gwen: Could you send me the address of the guest house and of your office?
    Martina: I’ll mail them over when we’ve finished speaking. When will you be arriving?
    Gwen: My flight arrives at 5.30 p.m. I’ll only have hand luggage and I’ll get a cabTaxicab. How long will that take, do you think?
    Martina: It’s about a 40-minute cab ride. There are several restaurants nearby.
    Gwen: Great. And how far is it to your office?
    Martina: It’s only a ten-minute walk. I’ll give you directions in my mail.
    Gwen: Great. That sounds convenientpraktisch; hier auch: günstig gelegenconvenient.

    Preparing for the presentation

    Gwen: Do you know which room we’ll be using for the presentation?
    Martina: It will be the boardroomSitzungszimmer des Vorstandsboardroom.
    Gwen: What are the seating arrangements there?
    Martina: It’s boardroom style, but the screenhier: Leinwandscreen is quite high up on the wall, so everyone can see it.
    Gwen: Is the projectorProjektor; Beamerprojector on the table?
    Martina: No. It’s to mount befestigenmounted on the ceiling. Do you need any other equipment?
    Gwen: Do you have a flip chart and pens?
    Martina: I can arrange that.
    Gwen: Excellent. When I come to reception, who should I ask for?
    Martina: Ask for me. I’ll come down and pick you up. Then I can help you set up the equipment.


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